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Instant Verification for Google My Business with or without a real address

Looking to expand your clients service area or scale up your lead gen business without having to rely on other unreliable and time consuming methods? Whether its just a single map listing or you need hundreds a month, the team at  TharVid is ready to help.


What is the turn around time?

3 business days from the day you submit details.

Do I need to provide an address?

Yes but if you can’t come up with any good ideas for a location, we can provide one for you.

What niches do you  accept?

We accept all category/niche (Including Locksmith)

What countries is this avaiable for?



Saudi Arabia





{ If you would like a country that is not listed above, please contact us. }

What information do you need from me?

All we need from you is Company Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, City Name, Category, and LIVE URL. ( Please understand if you use the city in the company name or have an otherwise spammy company name the listing could get a manual review and the account could very well get suspended. )

(We will share a google sheet to fill out details)

Do you offer refunds?

If we are unable to verify your listing, your purchase will be refunded.

Can I edit the listing?

You can edit posts, add description, add images, add hrs etc

You cannot edit:

Company name

Primary category


Do you offer any guarantees?

We offer a 90 day warranty if the listing goes down. If you change Business Name and or Categories and or Address this warranty is voided.

Pricing Details

 1 GMB - $150

10 GMBs - $1300

 20 GMBs - $2200

 30 GMBs - $3000

  40 GMBs - $3600 

   50 GMBs - $4000  

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